Project: EA Private Residence. Jakarta, Indonesia. In Progress.

Project: MSK Penthouse. Jakarta, Indonesia. In Progress.

Project:  Mr. and Mrs. Sohat Chairil Beauty + Wellness Pavilion. Jakarta, Indonesia. In Progress.

Project: MLK Residence. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: JYS Residence. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: PT. Mayora Indah | Private Executive Floor. Kalideres, Indonesia.

Project: Jason Cheung Residence. Permata Hijau, Indonesia.

Project: U Residences Tower 5 SOHO Lofts. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: U Residences Tower Three. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: U Residences Tower Two. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: TCT Offices. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Mr. and Mrs. Sohat Chairil Gallery House. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Mr. and Mrs. Arifin Panigoro Compound. Jerk Perut, Jakarta.  Indonesia.

Project: Vanke Tongshanjie. Shanghai, P.R.China.

Project: Capland Private Duplex Penthouse. Qingdao, P.R.China.

Project: Emerald Clubhouse. Shanghai, P.R.China.

Project: Emerald Townhouses. Shanghai, P.R.China.

Project: Kingold Group Residences. Guangzhou, P.R.China.

Project: Pearl Hill Villas Show Units. Qingdao, P.R.China.

Project: Mr. and Mrs. Sohat Chairil Main Residence Two. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Vanke 300 Show Unit. Shenzhen, P.R.China.

Project: Vanke 240 Villa Show Unit. Shanghai, P.R.China.

Project: Vanke 190 Show Unit. Shanghai, P.R.China

Project: Emerald Villa Residences. Shanghai, P.R.China.

Project: LXM Towers. Shanghai, P.R.China.

Project: U Residences Tower One. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Baccarat Residences. Shanghai, P.R.China.

Project: Mr. and Mrs. Jason Pribadi Residence. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Prince Hills Triplex Penthouses. Shanghai, P.R.China.

Project: Residence 8 Apartment Towers. Shanghai, P.R.China.

Project: Gong Li Residence. Shanghai, P.R.China.

Project: Mea Cinis Shop. San Francisco, CA.

Project: Mr. and Mrs. Sohat Chairil Main Residence One. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Budiman Penthouse, Pacific Place. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Mr. and Mrs. Arifin Panigoro. Jerk Perut, Jakarta.  Indonesia.

Project: Mr. Chayadi Kumala Residence. Beijing, P.R. China.

Project: Four Seasons Tower 3 Penthouses. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Four Seasons Tower 3 Show Units. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Haryanto Tjiptodihardjo Residence Two. Ancol Timur. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Mr. and Mrs. Chayadi Kumala Residence. Widya Chandra | Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project:  Santoso Residence. Permata Hijau | Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Cheung Residence. Permata Hijau | Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Private Residences. Kukio - Kona, Hawaii.

Project: Mr. and Mrs. Arifin Panigoro Residence. Melbourne, NSW, Australia.

Project: Four Seasons Show Unit 5C. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Four Seasons Penthouse Unit 27D. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Four Seasons Penthouse Unit 31C. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Four Seasons Penthouse Unit 31D. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Raharjo Residence Town House. Jakarta, Indonesia.       

Project: Djojonegoro Residence, Kebon Jeruk | Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Four Seasons Penthouse Show Unit 31B. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Four Seasons Show Unit 16C. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Gunawan Residence. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Wisan Residence. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Cheung Residence. Xiamen, P.R. China.

Project: Wihardjo Residence. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Kweefanus Residence. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Haryanto Tjiptodihardjo Residence One |  Four Seasons. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Hamano Penthouse. Four Seasons Residence. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Four Seasons Health Club. Four Seasons. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Clarion Hotel. Jalan Dr. Sahardjo. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Mr. and Mrs. Hendra Hartanto Residence. Kelapa Gading | Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Taman Niaga Golf Club. Cengkareng | Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: MTV Asia | Entertainment Complex. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Bimasena Health Club. Dharmawangsa. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Mr. and Mrs. Arifin Panigoro Residence. Jalan Brawijaya. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Mr. and Mrs. Ismail Sofyan Residence. Bukit Golf. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Mr. and Mrs. Brasali Residence Penthouse. Bukit Golf, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Joso Residence Penthouse, Bukit Golf, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Linea Shoes Boutique. Plaza Sogo | Plaza Indonesia | Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Galleria Showroom. Pondok Indah Mall. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Project: Diamond Hotel. Manila, Philippines. [QCD].

Project: Intercontinental Hotel. Manila, Philippines. [QCD].

Project: Modernland Golf and Country Club. Indonesia. [QCD].

Project: Arco Oil Corporation. Landmark Towers. Jakarta, Indonesia. [QCD].

Project: Grand Hyatt Hotel. Jakarta, Indonesia. [QCD].

Project: Insomnia Café. Sherman Oaks, California. USA.

Project: Ezralow Residence. Sunset Plaza, L.A., California. USA.

Project: Kamen Residence. Park Avenue, N.Y.C. NY. USA.